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 Best of Istria

Best of Istria: 25 Amazing Trips through Croatia's Terra Magica

Best of Istria: 25 Amazing Trips through Croatia's Terra Magica book is now available for purchase on Amazon (only $4.99).

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Best of Istria Table of Contents:

Where is Istria?

Istria is a miniature heart-shaped region of Croatia and the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea. Istria is the westernmost county of Croatia, has an area of 2,820 km2 (triangle Dragonja, Kamenjak, Ucka), and population of slightly over 200,000. Its geographical position provides perfectly arranged seasons: green springs, colorful autumns, pleasant summers, and mild winters.

Historically important and culturally rich, Istria peninsula is suspended like a jewel at the head of the Adriatic Sea. Istria is home to hillsides dotted with wineries, olive orchards that run to craggy coastlines, and historic villages tucked into the harbors, surrounded by gorgeous blue waters full of marine life. With its pleasant Mediterranean climate, its 430 km (267 mi) of intricate coastline, its 1,400 m (4,590 ft) mountains, lush forests, and verdant agricultural fields and forests, Istria is truly a remarkable vacation destination.

Best of Istria: Interactive Google Map

There are many great resources (Istria Tourist Board, ShareIstria, TripAdvisor, and many others) on all the beautiful things in Istria worth seeing and experiencing, but many visitors get overwhelmed by all the choices available.

The Best of Istria project aims to make trip planning to Istria a bit easier by listing all main destinations and attractions in Istria in the Best of Istria interactive Google map. This is the most comprehensive and most viewed Google Map about Istria on the internet.

Use this interactive Google map as a guide when you go exploring the beautiful Istria region.

Best of Istria: Printable Maps

Below you can download a map of Istria that shows main roads in Istria.

Istria Map by Istria Tourist Board

You can also download a high-resolution map of Istria by clicking on the Istria map below.

Istria Tourist Map

Index of Places in Istria

Below are links to Adriatic Road Trip blog posts (listed alphabetically) that provide a destination overview and top recommendations for each destination:

Add your favorites for those destinations by commenting on those blog posts.

Best of Istria: ShareIstria

In spring 2015, the Istrian Tourist Board launched a large campaign entitled ShareIstria bringing together social network bloggers to promote Istria throughout the world. The ShareIstria campaign has been very successful and is now in its third year.

ShareIstria 2015

During the summer of 2015, Istria Tourist Board sponsored over 30 teams of worldwide influencers to explore Istria in the ShareIstria. Activities ranged from spending a night in a lighthouse on the Porer island, to discovering some of the best bike and wine routes in Istria, to diving and exploring the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

I participated during week 9 of the 2015 ShareIstria contest. Read more about my ShareIstria adventure: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6. Follow the adventures of all 2015 ShareIstria participants.

ShareIstria 2016

Istria Tourist Board also held a 2016 ShareIstria campaign. See 2016 ShareIstria contestants and follow the 2016 ShareIstria adventures.

ShareIstria 2017

ShareIstria is now in its third year. Follow the latest updates from 2017 ShareIstria participants.

Best of Istria: Survey

What are your favorite places, activities, attractions, restaurants, wineries, parks, beaches, bars, cafes, and other points of interest in Istria?

Vote for your favorites in Istria and help others discover and experience best of Istria. Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Questions about Istria?

Always feel free to contact me about any questions about Istria.


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