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Ilovik Island Travel Guide


The protected channel between Ilovik and Sveti Petar has endeared the island of Ilovik to the hearts of sailors since ancient seafarers plied the waters. This island of flowers shows off its lush Mediterranean fauna, flaunting bougainvillea, oleander, and graceful palms as ships pass and visitors gaze. Just one town of the same name dots the map of the island, but it is a favorite half-way stop for many on their way from northern to southern cities along the Croatian coast. Stockists are well-prepared for visitors, offering the bounty of their labors in fishing, sheepherding, and farming, especially in vineyards and olive groves. Believed to have been populated by the Illyrian Liburni tribe, remnants of Roman culture, including a submerged archeological site, express its past. Music continues to be a prime historian and storyteller, so don't be surprised to hear native residents rise up in song, accompanied by accordions, to entertain anyone who cares to listen. Hop a passenger ferry from Mali Losinj, or hire your own watercraft, to enjoy an excursion to Ilovik.

Where is Ilovik Island?

Ilovik island is the most southern of the inhabited islands of Losinj's archipelago. The circumference of the island is 15.4 km (9.6 mi) and is accessible from all sides with many secluded bays. It occupies an area of 5.8 km2 (1,400 acres) and has around 170 inhabitants.

Ilovik Island Tourist Board

Riva Losinjskih Kapetana 29, Losinj
+385 (0)51 231 884;

Attractions and Activities on Ilovik Island

1. Church of St. Peter and St. Paul: Dates bask to 19th century and was recently restored
2. St. Paul Cemetery: Beautiful old cemetery with olive trees and wild flowers
3. Beaches: Various beaches and calm atmosphere are one of the main attractions of this little island
4. Benedictine Monastery: With gated draw bridge, dating from 10th century
5. Roman Remnants: Church from 16th century
6. St. Andrija Church: Early medieval church partially preserved in Sicadrija
7. Port Ilovik: Little picturesque natural harbor defending sailors from all winds, paticularly Jugo
8. Remnants of a Small Castle : Built in 1600 by the Republic of Venice to defend the area from pirates
9. Excursion to Losinj: Trip to nearby Losinj
10. Explore Ilovik: Ilovik is known as a ‘’island of flowers’’


Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes on Ilovik Island

1. Konoba Panino: Mediterranean cuisine; Ilovik 62, Ilovik;
2. Restaurant Porto: Mediterranean cuisine; Ilovik bb, Ilovik;
3. Restaurant Amico: Mediterranean cuisine; Ilovik luka, Ilovik;
4. Restaurant Dalmatinka: Croatian cuisine; Ilovik bb, Ilovik;
5. Restaurant Oliva: Istrian cuisine; Ilovik 23, Ilovik;

Hotels and Accommodations on Ilovik Island

1. Lindaric Mirna: Apartments; 3-star; $; Ilovik 2b, Ilovik
2. Jardas Zvjezdana: Apartments; 3-star; $; Il ovik 149, Ilovik
3. Baricevic Sandro: Apartments; 3-star; $; Ilovik 94, Ilovik
4. Brguljan Anamarija: Apartments; 3-star; $; Ilovik 2, Ilovik
5. Busanic Sara: Rooms; 2-star, $; Luka Ilovik bb, Ilovik

Google Map of Recommendations for Ilovik Island

See ART Google Map for additional recommendations of places to see and things to do on Ilovik Island.

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