Sunday, July 31, 2016

Recap of Croatia Local Guides Meet-Ups: Tour of Istrian Wineries and Rovinj Photo Walk


Two Croatia Local Meet-Ups

On July 16 and 17, Croatia Local Guides got together for two Google Local Guides Meet-Ups in Istria, Croatia:



We got started early, some leaving their countries as early as midnight to make it to the meet-ups on time. We tasted a lot of delicious wine, ate Istrian specialties, took lots of photos, reviewed many places, formed new friendships with local guides and business owners, and just had a grand time.

Tour of Istrian Wineries Google Local Guides Meet-Up

There are many great wineries in Istria. Narrowing them down to just a few was difficult. We decided on visiting the following three wineries:




These three wineries give a different flavor of the wineries in Istria: Kabola has a long history of winemaking; Deklic is a favorite supplier to many restaurants in the regions; and Roxanich wines are just unique (you have to try them to experience the unique taste of their wines).

Wine was great, views were amazing, and we got to meet the wonderful Istrian wine makers!

Rovinj Photo Walk Google Local Guides Meet-Up

Rovinj is Istria's most popular tourist destination and rightfully so.


We started the Rovinj meet-up with coffee at a local restaurant by the water.


We then walked up the historic streets to Cathedral of St. Euphemia built in Venetian Baroque at the beginning of 18th Century.


We then walked down to the other side of Rovinj, stopping at many places along the way.


Next stop was Zlatni Rt. (Golden Cape) for cool shade in the woods, pristine swimming spots, and amazing views.



Istrian Wineries Meet-Up vs. Rovinj Meet-Up

Which was more memorable: Istrian wineries or Rovinj? Both, if you ask me.

+AureaiSland ® and others agree.


We're looking forward to the next Croatia +Google Local Guides meet-up. Let us know in the comments where it should be.


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