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Krk Island Travel Guide


Inhabited since the Neolithic age, the island of Krk was one of the Apsyrtidian islands settled by Liburians. The Roman Empire took over, and during the battles between Caesar and Pompey, became part of the Eastern Roman Empire. Walls were built to fortify the city against the Quadi and Marcomanni threats, but in the 7th century, Avars penetrated the city, followed by the Byzantines, Venetians, and Frankopans. Again captured by the Venetians, Austrian rule took over after the fall of Venice, followed by Italy, and Yugoslavia. Independence in 1991, and the fall of the Eastern Block countries brought tourism to life on Krk. Remains of ancient thermal baths can be found near the Franciscan monastery. Evidence of Glagolitic script documents indicates the use of the language during the Medieval period. Today Krk is connected to the mainland by one of the longest bridges in the world, built in 1980. Krk is a port and trade center with several cities on the island, including Krk, Malinska, Dobrinj, and Punat. Krk Town, Punat and Baska, the main towns on the island, are all a short distance from the Balbiska ferry port connecting the island to the islands of Rab and Cres, as well as Brestova on the mainland.

Where is Krk Island?

Krk island is located near in the Bay of Kvarner. It has an area of 405.78 km2. Krk is the most populous Adriatic island, with numerous towns and villages that contain about 20,000 inhabitants.

Krk Island Tourist Board

Trg Sv. Kirina 1, Krk;
+385 (0) 51 221 359;

Attractions and Activities in Krk Island

1. Biserujka Cave: Cave above Slivanjska Cove with many interesting calcite formations
2. Frankopan Castle: Well preserved fortified defense castle with four bastions from12th century
3. Vineyards in the Vrbnik Field: Great walking path goes from Vrbnik through the fields
4. Cathedral: Built in 1188 on the site of a 5th century basilica
5. Parasailing: Put on a parachute and be lifted in the air by a motor boat
6. Soline Bay Mud: Famous mud beaches that are said to cure all aches and pains
7. Boat Trips: Local boat cruises; slow, romantic, and fun
8. Baska Beaches: Numerous and diverse beaches are around Baska, many of them holding Blue Flag
9. The Native Museum: Holds relics of a rich past diligently collected by the local people
10. St. Marak Cape and the Ruined Church: Beautiful atmospheric ruins of medieval church


Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Krk Island

1. Bistro Bukarica: Mediterranean cuisine; Nikole Tesle 61, Malinska;
2. Konoba Bracera: Mediterranean cuisine; Kvarnerska 1, Malinska;
3. Bistro Francesca: Mediterranean cuisine; Zvonimirova 56, Baska;
4. Pizzeria Morska: Pizza; Pod Kaštel 12, Vrbnik
5. Restaurant Porta: Seafood, Mediterranean cuisine; Jurandvor 17A, Baska

Hotels and Accommodations in Krk Island

1. Hotel Tamaris: Nice family hotel; 3-star; $; Emila Geistlicha bb, Baska;
2. Atrium Residence Baska: Beautiful hotel; 4-star; $; Emila Geistlicha 39, Baska;
3. Hotel Marina: Wonderful hotel; 4-star; $$; Obala hrv. mornarice 8, Krk;
4. Hotel Pinia: Beautiful hotel; 4-star; $$; Porat bb, Malinska;
5. Valamar Koralj Romantic Hotel: Nice hotel; 3-star; $; V. Tomasica bb, Krk;


Camps on Krk Island

1. Naturist Camping Bunculuka: Nature beach; 4-star; Pala bb, Baska;
2. Camping Jezevac: Great nature and beaches; 4-star; Plavnicka bb, Krk;
3. Camping Krk: Awesome nature and beaches; 4-star; Politin bb, Krk;
4. Camping Pila: Great location and beaches; 3-star; Setaliste I. Brusica 2, Krk;
5. Camping Slamni: Great nature and beaches; 4-star; Klimno 8A, Dobrinj;


Google Map of Recommendations for Krk Island

See ART Google Map for additional recommendations of places to see and things to do in Krk Island.

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