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Senj Travel Guide

Senj, Croatia

The oldest town on the coast of the upper Adriatic, Senj was first settled on a hillside around 400 B.C. At the foothills of the Mala Kapela and Velebit Mountains, its location is a favorable one for lookouts and fortresses. In fact, the symbol of the town is the Nehaj Fortress, constructed around 1558 to protect Habsburg boundaries. Wars with the Ottomans and Venetians took their toll, as did WWII, when Paris took over the port to replenish supplies. The Luftwaffe began bombing the French, and demolished about half of the city's existing architecture. The city still treasures its old buildings, and keeps track of its history and artifacts in museums, but modern Senj draws crowds mainly for its beaches, dining, nightlife, and summer carnival.

Where is Senj?

Senj is an old town on the upper Adriatic coast in Croatia that dates to prehistoric times. Senj has a population of about 7,000 inhabitants.

Senj Tourist Board

Stara cesta 2, Senj
+385 (0)53 881068

Attractions and Activities in Senj

1. Fort Nehaj: 18m wide symbol of Senj, built in 1558 under general Ivan Lenkovic
2. Northern Velebit Park: Offers half-day and whole-day excursion programs for groups of visitors
3. Beaches: Most famous beach is the city beach Skver which is partly gravel and partly concrete
4. Plitvice Lakes: Take a trip to nearby famous Plitvice National Park
5. Danicic Palace: Palace of a pirate (uskoks) family from the 15th century on Trg zrtava fasizma
6. Pavao Vitezovic Fountain: On a modern style fountain stands the bust of historian Pavao Vitezovic
7. Tower Sabac: One of the few remains of the city wall and its fortifications
8. Carved Heads of Uskoks: In the museum, dozens of stone heads of Uskok citizens are on display
9. Blaz Baromic Statue: Statute of an important person in the development of the glagolic script
10. Sports: Enjoy diving, sailing, fishing, hiking. hunting or cycling

Nehaj castle in Senj, Croatia

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Senj

1. Restaurant  Kresimir: Croatian cuisine; Obala k. Zvonimira 10, Senj;
2. Konoba Gajeta: Croatian cuisine; Ulica F. Vukasovica bb, Senj;
3. Restaurant Manjan: Croatian cuisine; Krasno 109, Senj;
4. Konoba Lavlji Dvor: Croatian cuisine; Petra Preradpvića 2, Senj;
5. Bistro Potok: Mediterranean cuisine; Potok 2, Senj;

Hotels and Accommodations in Senj

1. Guesthouse Maro: Great rooms; 3-star; $; Paska 24, Senj;
2. Apartments Laura: Nice apartments; 3-star; $; Ante Starcevica 49, Senj;
3. Apartments Kate: Nice apartments; 3-star; $; Krcka 8, Senj;
4. Apartment Jo: Nice apartments; 3-star; $; Paska 10, Senj;
5. BC Beach Apartments: Nice apartments; 3-star; $; Stara Cesta 2b, Senj;

Camps near Senj

1. Camp Ujca: Wonderful location; 2-star; Vucja draga bb, Sveti Juraj;
2. Camp Klenovica: Cool camp; 2-star; Klenovica bb, Klenovica;
3. Camp Kozica: Lovely camp; 2-star; Jadranska cesta bb, Klenovica;
4. Camp Skver: Nice beaches; 2-star; Plaža bb, Senj;
4. Mini Camp Bunica: Fine camp; 2-star; Bunica bb, Senj;

Google Map of Recommendations for Senj

See ART Google Map for additional recommendations of places to see and things to do in Senj.

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