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Novi Vinodolski Travel Guide

Novi Vinodolski Travel Guide

Famous for the law codex of Vinodol written in Glagolitic script in the 13th century, Novi Vinodolski, or simply "Novi" as it is often called, has a proud and extensive heritage, some of which predates history. Artifacts and fortress remains tell the story of a very old civilization. Sitting near the mouth of the Suha Ricina River and the Vinodol Valley, agriculture, viticulture, and tourism have all flourished here due to the rich soils, pleasant climate, and culture of the area. The Italians, the Habsburgs, and the Yugoslavs have all left their marks on Novi, but since gaining independence in 1991, its notoriety as a resort destination has improved. Often compared to Opatija, Novi offers visitors history, recreation, and entertainment in a beautiful setting.

Where is Novi Vinodolski?

Novi Vinodolski is located on the Kvarner coast of Croatia and has a total population of about 5,000 people.

Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board

Kralja Tomislava 6, Novi Vinodolski
+385 (0)51 791 171

Novi Vinodolski, Croatia

Attractions and Activities in Novi Vinodolski

1. Frankopan Castle: It belonged to the Frankopan family as early as 1288.
2. Vinodol Code: One of the most important cultural monuments of Croatian people.
3. National Reading Room and Museum: Founded at the time of Illyrian Movement in 1845.
4. Roman Fort Lopsica: There are only remains of walls as mute witnesses of the past.
5. Church of Blessed Virgin Mary: Documents indicate that the church existed already in 1446.
6. San Marino – island and a church: Gothic church on the island just 205 m in front of Novi.
7. St. Trinity  Church: Built at the end of the 15th c., it is a Gothic chapel with vaulted ceiling.
8. Belveders: There are three belvederes located in the District of Vinodol.
9. Celestial Labyrints: Connected to astronomical and cosmic patterns in the village of Omar.
10. Glass Chapel: Small chapel made of metal and glass erected in 1913.

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Novi Vinodolski

1. Restaurant Garfild: Croatian cuisine; Milana Butkovica 57, Povile;
2. Konoba Kore: Croatian cuisine; Trg Vinodolskog Zakona 6, Novi Vinodolski;
3. Restaurant Azur: Mediterranean cuisine; Hrv. Branitelja 23, Novi Vinodolski;
4. Restaurant Vinodol: Croatian cuisine; P. KreSimira IV 1b, Novi V.;
5. Restaurant Adria: European cuisine; Hrv. Branitelja 24, Novi Vinodolski;
6. +Konoba Studec: Croatia cuisine; Novljansko polje bb; Novi Vindolski;

Hotels and Accommodations in Novi Vinodolski

1. +Novi Spa Hotels & Resort Beautiful hotel; 4-star; $$; Zagori bb, Novi Vinodolski;
2. Hotel The View: Beautiful hotel; 5-star; $$; Kralja Tomislava 4, Novi Vinodolski;
3. Hotel Tamaris: Fun hotel; 4-star; $; Kralja Tomislava 14, Novi Vinodolski;
4. Ilona: Apartments; 4-star; $; Pod Sv. Mikulj 3, Novi Vinodolski;
5. Hotel Lisanj: Nice hotel; 2-star; $; Lisanjska 1, Novi Vinodolski;

Camps near Novi Vinodolski

1. Camping Punta Povile: Nice camp; 2-star; M. Butkovića bb, Povile, Novi V.;
2. Camp Katalinic: Nice smaller camp; 1-star; Povile bb, Povile;
3. Camp Klenovica: Cool camp; 2-star; Klenovica bb, Klenovica;
4. Camp Kozica: Lovely camp; 2-star; Jadranska cesta bb, Klenovica;
5. Camp Sibinj: Great beaches; 1-star; Sibinj bb, Novi Vinodolski;

Google Map of Recommendations for Novi Vinodolski

See ART Google Map for additional recommendations on places to see and things to do in Novi Vinodolski:

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