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Crikvenica Travel Guide

Crikvenica Travel Guide

Known for its health spas and beautiful beaches, Crikvenika grew from an extension of the nearby village of Kotor to a popular health spa retreat and important resort on the Croatian Riviera. The name is derived from the Croatian word for "church." In the first century, Romans found the location ideal for a military base. The monastery of the Pauline Fathers moved in around the 15th century. Around the 19th century, tourists began arriving to enjoy the waters of the expanding number of hotels featuring health spas with a bathing beach. At the turn of the 20th century, the town officially declared itself as a health spa resort, a tradition that continues today. Beautiful and stylish, Crikvenica welcomes visitors for concerts, festivals, fashion shows, sailing, diving, hiking, and a wealth of cultural activities.

Where is Crikvenica?

Crikvenica is the largest settlement on the coast of the Vinodol coastal area and has total municipality population of around 12,000.

Crikvenica Tourist Board

Trg S. Radica 1c, Crikvenica
+385 (0)51 241 051

Crikvenica, Croatia

Attractions and Activities in Crikvenica

1. Selce Village: Held in late July, this popular event draws top tennis players and their fans
2. Church of Mary’s Accession: 15th century church provided by Prince Frankopan to the Pauline Order
3. Beaches: Part of the town’s identity: the first one was opened to the public more than a century ago
4. Lokvisce Valley: Place of archaeological research: Bronze-Age items and Roman remains were found
5. Lokvisce Mud: Take a swim in the mud to beutify your skin
6. Crikvenica’s Museum: Exhibits various artifacts from the region’s history
7. Vinodol Region: Nearby region where the Princess Frankopan had built 9 castles
8. Love Path: One of the most beautiful footpaths in the Crikvenica area
9. The Badanj Fort: oldest part of the Crikvenica, dating back to Late Antiquity
10. Adrenaline Park: Paintball, cage football, spinroller and many other activities

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Crikvenica

1. Restaurant Galija: International cuisine; Gajevo Setaliste 1, Crikvenica; 
2. Restaurant Burin: Mediterranean cuisine; Dr. Ivana Kostrencica 10A, Crikvenica; 
3. +Rubin CrikvenicaLocal cuisine; Kralja Zvonimira 80, Crikvenica; 
4. +Corso CrikvenicaMediterranean. cuisine; Strossmayerovo Set. 48, Crikvenica; 
5. Restaurant Sabbia: Mediterranean cuisine and bar; Strossmayerovo Set. 50, Crikvenica; 

Hotels and Accommodations in Crikvenica

1. +Hotel Kvarner Palace: Great hotel; 4-star; $$; B. Buchoffer 12, Crikvenica; 
2. Hotel Omorika: High-value hotel; 2-star; $$; M. Muzevica bb, Crikvenica; 
3. Hotel Kastel: Very good hotel; 3-star; $; Frankopanska 22, Crikvenica; 
4. Hotel Villa Ružica: Nice hotel; 3-star; $; Bana Jelacica 1, Crikvenica; 
5. Villa Ljubica: Apartments; 3-star; $; Miroslava Krleze 21, Crikvenica; 

Camps near Crikvenica

1. Autocamp Selce: Nice beaches near; 2-star; Jasenova 19, Selce; 
2. Autocamp Uvala Slana: Cool Camp; 2-star; Jasenova bb, Selce; 
3. Camp Kačjak: Nice campsite; 1-star; Kacjak bb, Dramalj, Crikvenica;

Google Map of Recommendations for Crikvenica

See ART Google Map for additional recommendations on places to see and things to do in Crikvenica:

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