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Medjugorje Travel Guide

Medjugorje Travel Guide

A peaceful, spiritual destination, Medjugorje claims a series of apparitions in which the Virgin Mary has revealed herself before a variety of audiences. This spot, seemingly perfect for spiritual meditation, is tucked in "between the mountains" as its name suggests in the native tongue. Located in the Herzegovina Region of Westerm Bosnia and Herzegovina, Medjugorje is just 16 miles from Mostar. A rocky and challenging walk up to Apprarition Hill will find you overlooking a lovely countryside, in the spot where six school children witnessed the Virgin's presence. Another climb to Cross Mountain will find you in another peaceful spot where faithful residents have erected a large wooden cross in honor of the Virgin's appearance here. The area has an extensive history, with ancient Roman remains, a Catholic cemetery from the Middle Ages, and a Serbian Orthodox Monastery from 1566 enhancing the authenticity of the settlements. At 660 ft., the altitude continues to welcome the mild Mediterranean climate and pleasant sea breezes.

Tourist Board in Medjugorje

Mala livada bb, 88 266, Medjugorje
+387 33 580 999

Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Attractions and Activities in Medjugorje

1. Apparition Hill (Podbrdo): Place where Virgin Mary appeared
2. Cross Mountain: Mountain with special mass the first Sunday after the Feast of the Nativity
3. Neretva Rafting: If you prefer to pair your pilgrimage with adventure
4. Visions: Visit people who claim to have visions and receive the Virgin Mary’s messages
5. Church of St. James (Crkva Sv. Jakova): Central Medjugorje church with mass in many languages
6. Hiking: Medjugorje is sourounded with hills perfect for hiking
7. Sport and Recreation Center Circle: Great place to enjoy sports and take a swim
8. Explore: Miraculous sites with statues of Mary and Jesus
9. Trip to Mostar: Take a trip to this great city where East and West meet on the Old bridge
10. Kravica Waterfalls: Wonderful place to relax in nature, just few miles from the city centre

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Medjugorje

1. Restaurant Regina: Croatian cuisine; Medjugorje bb, Medjugorje;
2. Pace E Gioia: Croatian cuisine; Bijakovici bb, Medjugorje;
3. Restaurant Etno Kuća: European cuisine; Surmanci bb, Medjugorje;
4. Pizzeria Colombo: Pizza; Medjugorje bb;
5. Restaurant Viktor's: International cuisine; Medjugorje bb, Medjugorje;

Hotels and Accommodations in Medjugorje

1. Pansion Quo Vadis: Near church; 4-star; $; Matal bb, Medjugorje;
2. Hotel Quercus: Beautiful hotel; 4-star; $; Bijakovici bb, Medjugorje;
3. Medjugorje Hotel Spa: Luxurious; 4-star; $; Bijakovici bb, Medjugorje;
4. Villa Via Pacis: Good hotel; 3-star; $; Corkov Dolac bb, Medjugorje;
5. Hotel Dina: Lovely little pension; 3-star; $; Gospin Trg bb, Medjugorje;

Camps near Medjugorje

1. Camp Zemo: OK camp; 1-star; Sivrci bb, Medjugorje;
2. Camp Verite: OK camp; 1-star; Medjugorje bb, Medjugorje;

Google Map of Recommendations for Medjugorje

See ART Google Map for additional recommendations on places to see and things to do in Medjugorje:

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