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Mostar Travel Guide

Mostar Travel Guide

The cultural capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the center of the only canton in the federation with sea access, Mostar is set on the banks of the Neretva River. The most photographed feature of the city is the Stari Most Bridge. First built more than 400 years ago by the Ottomans, the bridge was destroyed in 1993 by the modern war. Reconstructed in 2001, this lovely symbol of cultural, ethnic, and religious cooperation and reconciliation accurately mirrors the original architecture. First designed by Sinan, chief architect for the Ottoman Empire, this early architectural rock star is credited with the design of more than three hundred significant structures. While much of the ancient architecture was also destroyed during the conflict of the 1990s, pervasive reconstruction is underway. Mosques, churches, and a hamam bath house continue to draw admiring glances in appreciation of their beauty and complexity. Not all of Mostar is old, however. There are clubs, restaurants, and shops tucked into caves, narrow side streets, and busy bazaars, ready to supply visitors with a current glimpse of life in this cosmopolitan city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tourist Board in Mostar

Rade Bitange 5; Mostar
+387 (0)36 580 833

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Attractions and Activities in Mostar

1. Old Bridge: The Stari Most Bridge is the main attraction of the Mostar UNESCO World Heritage Site
2. Neretva River: River running through Mostar
3. Kravica Falls: One of the largest waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina; good for swimming
4. Blagaj: Muslim village; human remains dating back 12,000 years were found here; caves
5. Old Bazar Kujundziluk: Turkish shops
6. Emperor Bridge: Another beautiful bridge
7. Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque: Mosque with a nice view from Minaret
8. Hum Mountain: Amazing view of Mostar
9. Turkish House (Kajtaz): 500-year-old house
10. Museum of Herzegovina: Learn about history of Herzegovina

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Mostar

1. Cevabdzinica Tima-Irma: Bosnian cuisine; $$; Onescukova bb; Mostar;
2. Konoba Taurus: Bosnian cuisine; $$; Kriva Cuprija 4;
3. Hindin Han: Bosnian cuisine; overlooking river; $; Jusovina bb; Mostar;
4. Restoran Megi: Italian cuisine; $$; Kralja Tomislava 29; Mostar;
5. Sadrvan: Bosnian cuisine; $; Jusovina 11; Mostar;

Hotels and Accommodations in Mostar

1. Hotel Bevanda: Best hotel in B&H; 5-star; $$$; Stara Ilicka bb; Mostar;
2. Hotel Bristol: Renovated after the war; 5-star; $$$; Mostarkog Bataljona bb; Mostar;
3. Hotel Ero: One of Mostar’s best; 4-star; $$; Dr. Ante Starcevica; Mostar;
4. Hotel Old Town: Ottoman feel; 4-star; $$; Rade Bitange 9; Mostar;
5. Pansion Rose: Short walk from Old Bridge; 3-star; $; Boulevar bb, Mostar;
6. +Hotel Mepas: Near shopping mall; 5-star; $$; Kardinala Stepinca bb, Mostar;

Camps near Mostar

1. Camp Bara: At the river; 1-star; Blagaj bb, Blagaj;
2. Aluminij Relax: Best camp in the area; 3-star; Buna bb, Buna;
3. River camp Aganovac: Cool camp; 1-star; Blagaj bb, Blagaj;
4. Camp Mali Wimbledon: Family camp; 1-star; Blagaj bb, Blagaj;
5. Autocamp Blagaj: Nice camp in nice village; -star; Blagaj bb, Blagaj;

Google Map of Recommendations for Mostar

See ART Google Map for additional recommendations on places to see and things to do in Mostar:

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