Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 4 of Istria Road Trip (ShareIstria: Day 4)

Before getting picked up by Goran, I go for a walk through Bale.

Casanova, a famous 18th century seducer, visited Bale frequently between 1743 and 1747, to visit his love of Soardo family.

Goran comes with the black van and we're on our way to Glavani Park, another adrenaline park in Istria, Glavani Park is about 20 km from Bale.

Next stop is Fazana for coffee, 18km away. That's the beauty of Istria - in just few km, you can be in an entirely different city.

From Fazana, we can also catch a glimpse of National Park Brijuni (Brijuni Islands), which is only few minutes away by boat.

To take advantage of the beautiful weather, Goran takes us kayaking at the Windsurfing Station in Kamenjak. We kayak 3km one way and it takes us nearly 45 minutes in a kayak of two.

The reward after 3 miles of kayaking is an amazing cave in which we go for a swim. Also, there's a bar of chocolate for the way back to the shore.

After a quick dinner in Kamenjak at Aurora Restaurant, we head for the highlight of ShareIstria - a night at the Porer lighthouse on the Porer Island.

On the boat ride to the Porer island, Goran played the accordion. What an amazing time!

With the sun slowly setting, we arrive at the lighthouse to be greeted Zeljko, the lighthouse keeper for 27 years.

The lighthouse, as magnificent as it looks in pictures.

Another amazing ShareIstria day.


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