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Day 3 of Istria Road Trip (ShareIstria: Day 3)

Today we check out of Hotel Velanera. It's a nice, peaceful hotel with a great restaurant and comfortable pool.

First stop is a meeting with Radenko from Istria Tourist Board who will be our guide in Central Istria, the green Istria. We meet in Cafe Buffet Bunker in Pazin and sit on the cool terrace under grape trees.

We begin with a visit to the nearby Sv. Nikola church to delight in beautiful frescoes. See this Istria Tourist Board brochure of frescoes for a map of frescoes throughout Istria.

Just a walking distance away is the  Zip Line Pazinska jama. Wow! There are two zip lines. One is 220 m long. With an average speed of 60 - 65 km/h, you get to the other side in 10 seconds. It's pure adrenaline rush for 10 seconds! The other line is a bit longer (280 m) and a bit slower.

That was scary at first but so much fun once you eventually get to jump off the cliff. The first step is the toughest. After the two thrilling rides on the zip line, we gather at Hotel Lovac for a beer and some pizza.

Next stop is Draguc, where we continue our exploration of frescoes in Church of Sv. Elizeja and Church of Sv. Roka.

We then go on to Agroturism Stara Stala in Borut. All food is grown onsite and prepared freshly. Delicious!

With the day getting late, we're hoping to catch a sunset in Rovinj. Rovinj is about 50 km and it takes us an hour to get there. Rovinj is such a beautiful city!

The sunset was spectacular!

With the night fast approaching, we get on our way to Hotel La Grisa in Bale.

Another amazing ShareIstria day!


Toni Krasnic

I'm the founder of the Adriatic Tourism & Real Estate Group, author of the Adriatic Road Trip Travel Guide, and author of this blog.

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