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Koper Travel Guide

In Slovenia's Istrian region, Koper sits on the coast of southwestern Slovenia, just five short kilometers from Italy. Officially a bilingual city speaking both Slovenian and Italian, visitors will see signs posted in both languages throughout the region. As the main entry point to Slovenia, an interesting matrix of civilizations and architectural eras dot the landscape, with an old Venetian area of particular interest.  The 15th century Pratorian Palace and its sophisticated loggia are really two 13th century houses connected by politics and architecture. The city square, Titov Trg, is a delightful stroll through an established part of the city that is closed to traffic, allowing a leisurely pace and safe sauntering back and forth across the streets. The Italians departed the city after World War II, handing the previously Roman, Napoleonic, Austrian, and Venetian reins to Yugoslavia. Aegida to the Ancient Greeks, Capodistria to the Italians, and Capris to the Romans, the city of Koper remains an interesting historic and cultural trip worth taking.

Where is Koper?

Koper is a port city on Slovenia Adriatic coastline with a population of about 25,000.

Koper Tourist Board

Titov Trg 3 Koper
+386 5 664 64 03

Attractions and Activities in Koper

1. Praetorian Palace: Venetian Gothic palace that dates from the 15th century
2. Beach: Next to marina; lovely place to soak up the sun or swim 
3. Bell Tower: Originally part of a Roman fortification; 43 meters tall with great view
4. Sports: Many sports activities to choose from
5. Cathedral of Mary’s Assumption: dates back to the 12th century and includes Carpaccio paintings
6. Taverna: Formerly served as a salt warehouse; now used as a space for various events
7. Koper Regional Museum: Take a look at the Renaissance and Venetian periods of Koper 
8. Fountain De Ponte: Dates back to 1666; shape of a bridge, preserves the memory of local nobility
9. Dragonja River: Wild place to relax and enjoy nature
10. Muda Gate: Old gate to enter old city of narrow streets; lovely little shops and galleries
11. Concerts: Koper hosts many concerts during the summer

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Koper

1. Nimis Koper: Yugoslavian cuisine, seafood; Istrska cesta 70, Koper; 
2. Restaurant Baladur: Slovenian cuisine; Grintovec 39, Koper; 
3. Restaurant Mohorec: Slovenian cuisine; Kubed 66A, Gradisce, Koper; 
4. Cajnica Vanilla: Coffee shop, desserts; Pristaniska ulica 3, Koper; 
5. Restaurant Peking: Chinese cuisine; M. Upora 13, Koper;  

Hotels and Accommodations in Koper

1. Vodisek Hotel: Nice hotel; 3-star; $; Kolodvorska 2, Koper; 
2. Casino Hotel Carnivale: Beautiful hotel; 4-star; $; Spodnje Skofije 259, Koper; 
3. Hotel Bio: Fun and nice hotel; 3-star; $;Vanganelska cesta 2, Koper; 
4. Aquapark Zusterna Hotel: Single apartments; 3-star; $; Istrska 67, Koper; 
5. Koper Motel Port: Great motel; 3-star; $; Ankaranska 7, Koper; 

Camps near Koper

1. Camping Adria: Wonderful campsite; 4-star; Jadranska cesta 25, Ankaran; 
2. Autocamp Student: Nice camp; 3-star; ; Jadranska cesta 25, Ankaran, Koper; 
3. Camping Volk: Fine camp; 2-star; Crni kal 6275, Dolenjska; 

Google Map of Recommendations for Koper

See ART Google Map for additional recommendations of places to see and things to do in Koper.

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