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Hum Travel Guide

hum istria croatia

Visit the world’s smallest town. Found in Istria, the town of Hum only has 27 residents.

For one of the best examples of early Croatian script, this bucolic Medieval town is an imperative stop on the Glagolitic Trail. The Celtic symbols, letters, and texts from the late 12th century in the town of Hum are the oldest in Croatia. The town still shows its Medieval roots through stone fortification walls, a bell tower, and a church. For all practical purposes, it still has the feel of an ancient settlement since it is set off of the more well-traveled routes. Known as the smallest town in the world, with a population fluctuating somewhere between 15 and 24 full time residents, it is truly a step back in time. It is also probably one of the few places in the world where you can buy your initials in Glagolitic script on ceramic tiles. The town's other claim to fame is Humska Bisk, a brandy made from a 2,000 year-old recipe, said to provide a Celtic cure for some of our most modern ailments. Served up at the only restaurant in town, it is a true travel treasure.

Where is Hum?

Hum is a tiny town in central Istria with just 27 residents (2016 census).

Hum Tourist Board

Setaliste Vladimira Gortana 9, Buzet
+385 (0)52 662 343

Attractions and Activities in Hum

1. City Streets: If in the area, strolling the streets of Hum is a must
2. Enjoying Biska: Biska is homemade brandy made from ancient recipe with mistletoe
3. Yearly Elections: Hum preserved yearly elections of the major; judges of the parish gather round a stone table, carving notches in a wooden stick to make their choice
4. Copper City Doors: Engraved with glagolitic writings, those door are statement of the old script
5. Glagolitic Alley: 7km (4.5 miles) long road is a sculpture trail
6. Homemade Brany Exhibition: Taking place in late October, celebrating nature
7. Bell Tower: Old bell tower for medieval lovers, former part of the defense infrastructure (built in 1552)
8. Parish Church of St. Jeronime: Originally built in 12th century and includes Byzantine frescoes
9. Wine Roads: Wine roads a just few kilometers away
10. Truffles searches: Central Istria is known as home to the beloved White Truffle

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Hum

1. Humska Konoba: Istrian traditional cuisine; Hum 

Hotels and Accommodations in Hum

1. Private Accomodation Nela: Double rooms, apartmant; $; Hum  
2. Apartmant Franko: Nice apartmants; $; Hum 

Google Map of Recommendations for Hum

See Best of Istria Google Map for additional recommendations of places to see and things to do in Hum.

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