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Groznjan Travel Guide

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The merry sound of music, accompanied by the creative buzz and lively color of the artists' community make Groznjan an irresistibly romantic destination. The summer music, drama, and peace-focused academies turn the quiet hill town into a cultural gem. A place where new Bohemian chic entwines amicably with Old World structures, Groznjan welcomes the creative class, having declared itself a town of artists in 1965. Set 225m up a hillside about 27km from the Porec, the town warmly welcomes visitors with authentic hospitality, opening the doors of its 14th-century Venetian splendor along with its galleries, cafes, and shops.

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Where is Groznjan?

Groznjan is a town in Central Istria with a population of about 1,000.

Groznjan Tourist Board

Umberto Gorjan 3, Groznjan
+385 (0)52 776131

Attractions and Activities in Groznjan

1. Art Academies: Starting in May, Groznjan transforms intoa hub for music, film, and art
2. Street Music: Summer music, particularly jazz
3. Drums Camp: Camp for drummers
4. Hilltop Village of Artists: Peaceful place for artists; amazing energy
5. Fiore Day Tours: Nice daily tours to undiscovered little villages
6. Exploring: Place with soul, having a very short and narrow streets paved with the stones
7. Kazun: Kazuns are authentic Istrian constructions, small shelters made of stone only
8. St. Cosimo & Damian Church: Built in 1554 and renovated in 1834; painted by Croatian artist
9. Baladur: Local small covered terraces are perfect spots to relax after exploring the town
10. 64 art galleries: This small town includes 64 art galleries, a dream for art-lovers

groznjan istria croatia art

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Groznjan

1. Kaya Energy Bar: Coffee shop; Vincenta iz Kastva 2, Groznjan; www.tz-groznjan.hr 
2. Taverna Bastia: Croatian cuisine; 1. Svibnja 1, Groznjan; www.gastronaut.hr 
3. Agriturismo Monticello: Truffles specialties; Montizel 59, Groznjan; www.pincin-monticello.hr 
4. Konoba Pintur: Mediterranean/Central European cuisine; M.Gorijana 9, Groznjan; www.tz-groznjan.hr 
5. AModoMio: Mediterranean cuisine; Corner 1, Groznjan

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Hotels & Accommodations in Groznjan

1. Villa San Vito: Apartments; 3-star; $; Morteani 2 , Groznjan; www.san-vito.info 
2. Villa Poropati: Lovely little hotel; 5-star; $$; Velog Joze 70, Porec; www.villa-poropati.com
3. Hotel Funtana: Fun hotel; 5-star; $$; Grisia 1, Groznjan; www.istra.hr 
4. Holiday Home Casa d’Arte: Great hotel; 5–star: $$; trg Paladina 5, Groznjan; www.visitecroatia.com 
5. Rooms Svalina: Double rooms; 3-star; $; Vincenta iz Kastva 5, Groznjan; www.likecroatia.com 

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Google Map of Recommendations for Groznjan

See Best of Istria Google Map for additional recommendations of places to see and things to do in Groznjan.

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