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Medulin Travel Guide

medulin istria croatia road trip travel guide

Roman ruins dot the landscape of many cities and towns along the Croatian coastline, and Medulin is no exception. The archeological site at Vizula, and the remains at Vrcevan Hill, St. Petar, and the nearby tombs all speak to the Roman influence. Medulin escaped notice for much of history, however, the town upon which it is built was destroyed by the Romans after they took notice in the 2nd century. The settlement did not change much until its growth under Venetian rule, with continued emphasis on fishing and farming. The highlights that draw today's tourists have more to do with the sandy beach at Bijeca, or the rocky Belvedere shore, and the clean, modern hotels that host thousands of tourists during the busiest of seasons. Visitors can mix discos, dining, dancing, and music, with views of 15th century Glagolitic writing on ancient church walls, enjoying a rewarding experience that spans the ages, lounging in contemporary comfort. Medulin lies in a harbor protected by a cape, making it an ideal spot for boating, camping, diving, and simply enjoying nature along Medulin's 80 km of intricate coastline.

Where is Medulin?

Medulin is a small town in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia with a population of about 3,000.

Medulin Tourist Board

Centar 223, Medulin
+385 (0)52 577 145

Attractions and Activities in Medulin

1. Isola di Levan: Pleasant little island laying on the crystal clear sea
2. Kamenjak: Premantura’s southernmost point with gorgeous views and great water jumping spots
3. Medulin Excursions: Half-day boat trip to enjoy sunny afternoons on the Adriatic Sea
4. Skydive Adria: Wonderful way to spend your vacation exploring beautiful Adriatic Sea
5. Samy’s Ranch: Horseback riding in the natural environment
6. Semisubmarine Medulin: Unique experience for the whole family
7. Diving Center Shark: Adventurous way to spend your holidays
8. Vizula: Hidden antique world on the Vizula peninsula
9. Cave Baredine: Cave world for true explorers
10. Sea Cruising: Adriatic cruises

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Medulin

1. Salt and Pepper: Mediterranean cuisine; Sad 138, Medulin;
2. Octopus: Istrian cuisine; Fucana bb, Medulin;
3. Da Giovanni: Mediterranean cuisine, Munida 11, Medulin;
4. Pomorac: Istrian cuisine; Hafenpromenade, bb Medulin;
5. Bistro Istra: Istrian cuisine and fish entrees; Centar 274, Medulin;

Hotels and Accommodations in Medulin

1. Park Plaza Medulin: Beautiful hotel; 4-star; $$; Osipovica 31, Medulin;
2. Park Plaza Belvedere: Beautiful hotel; 4-star; $$; Osipovica 31, Medulin;
3. Villa Velike Stine: Fun hotel; 3-star; $; Regi 44, Medulin;
4. Holiday Hotel Resort: Nice hotel; 3-star; $; Medulin bb, Medulin;
5. Hotel Arcus Residence: Cozy hotel; 3-star; $; Burle bb, Medulin;

Camps near Medulin

1. Camp Kazela: Nice beaches; 2-star; Kapovica 350, Medulin;
2. Camping Medulin: Nice beaches; 4-star; Osipovica 30, Medulin;
3. Camping Stupice: Near Kamenjak; 4-star; Selo, Premantura;

Google Map of Recommendations for Medulin

See Best of Istria Google Map for additional recommendations of places to see and things to do in Medulin.

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